Ísloft Ltd. is one of Iceland's leading tin- and blacksmith workshops. The company employs around 60 highly skilled personnel, in addition to just about 15 during the summer time. Our headquarters and main bases of operation are located at Bíldshöfði, Reykjavík. Our staff, however, fulfills various assignments all around the country.

Ísloft has, for the past years,
fulfilled many of the largest local contracts relating to ventilation systems. Most of those are required through contract announcements, particularly the largest ones. The company also accepts private contracts from individual clients and has thus been able to establish a great variety of projects and wide range of working knowledge.

Ísloft has always focused on using the best equipment available and keeping the personnel updated in the latest technological development. Thus the company hopes to establish and maintain the highest possible level of professionalism, where ultimate knowledge and craftsmanship combine in order to perfect the production process.  This high standard and professionalism has guaranteed the company its rightful place at the top. Moreover, the combination of latest technology and the vast knowledge of the staff have secured contracts that other companies could not bid for. 

Ísloft does manufacture various products, besides ventilation systems, such as fire doors, wall-braces, metal coverings for roofs and walls, as well as insulations and coverings for heat and cold pipes. We might also mention stable furnishing, custom built fuse board closets, hoods, fire-resisting doors, etc.

Ísloft's prime policy is to offer its customers maximum services. The company's strength is built upon exceptional talents, modern technology and positive image on the market. Thus we are able to go from strength to strength. Ísloft is a company you can trust.