ÍSLOFT is the leading manufacturer and supplier of ventilation systems in Iceland. We seek to fulfill the maximum expectations of our clients through our combination of human resources and latest technology. Thus we have the means to build ourselves or supply whatever our clients needs in regard to works in tin or other metals. 

We manufacture and install the following products:

  • All types of ventilation systems
  • All types of A60 fire doors
  • All types of hoods and ducted fans
  • Air diffusers og valves
  • F60 fire-resisting fire dampers and ducts
  • Ducts with all necessary equipment
  • Insulation and aluminum coverings from freezing, heating and cooling pipes
  • Stable furnishing
  • All types of linings
  • Extractor fans and hats
  • Weather screens
  • Gutters
  • Eaves
  • Gutter supports
  • Steel coverings
  • Spiral pipes
  • Skylights
  • Roofing, etc, etc.


We have the following products in stock or ready to ship from our suppliers:

  • Air filters for ventilation systems, compact filters and bag filters
  • Air filters and air filter coverings for paint booths
  • Rubber packing for various occasions
  • Air conditioning for walls, bathrooms, windows and ducts
  • Suction valves and grids



  • We are equipped with powerful machinery, including 6 m. long bending machines and a computerized cut-off saw.
  • We maintain and configure ventilation systems.